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How do I measure a Euro or oval cylinder?

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This is a very grey area where manufacturers and suppliers measure these differently. I find this the most easy for people to grasp.

The cam this is the black part that turns when you turn the key is always around the 10mm mark.

The next measurement is the size of the two sides. So this is where it becomes tricky as the cam is not always in the middle.

When measuring it is always helpful to state which is the external side.

Example of an offset cylinder:

Int size 30mm cam 10mm ext side 50mm

So the above cylinder = 90mm overall.

Example of an equal cylinder:

Int size 30mm cam 10mm ext side 30mm

So the above cylinder = 70,, overall.

All the above are available either key/key or key/

How do I measure a mortice latch?

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The most common types of latches are either Tubular or Horizontal. These also come in a selection of lengths, 2 1/2", 3", 4", 5" & 6".

Again these are measured just the same as a lock. From the front right to the back. A tubular latch is around 1" diameter hole, a horizontal latch start around a 2" mortice.

How do I measure a mortice lock?

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This applies to manufacturers. The upright sash lock comes in 4 sizes, 2", 2 1/2", 3" & 4".

The face plate is usually 6" x 1".

You measure the lock body from the front to the back of the lock body, which will be one of the above sizes. 2 1/2" and 3" are the most common sizes.

The distance between the key hole and spindle are a standard measurements as they fit standard lever lock handles (57mm centres).

The distance between the latch and bolt can vary, you may have to alter the striking plate position.

With a 3 lever lock it is just a striking plate, with a 5 lever lock is it a box keep this forms part of the BS3621 standards.

Three lever locks are suitable for internal doors.

Five lever locks to BS3621 should be fitted to external doors. Your insurance company will ask for this.


What is a passage lever door handle?

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A passage lever door handle is a lever style door handle which does not have a lock. These are often used internal doors or wardrobes

What is lever on backplate? 

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A backplate refers to the plate onto which lever handles, or door knobs are attached to create the door handle. 

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